JA2 WP1 – Coordination

JA2 WP1 – Coordination


  • To coordinate the activities in the WPs and assist the Secretariat with timely reporting and providing information on request
  • The JA1 SOP manual (with details on management/governance, procedures & forms) will be adjusted and a 3-year JA2 Work Plan will be developed and updated as needed
  • Reports to the EAHC will be prepared to ensure rigorous quality assurance of JA2
  • To organise 3 annual Plenary Assembly (PA) and 6 WP1 meetings in different MS. Representatives of DG SANCO, EAHC, DG RTD and other relevant EU-bodies (eg, EMA, CIE) and representatives of the JA2 Stakeholder Forum will be invited to the PA meeting and at the level of work packages where appropriate and at their own expense. PA will decide the JA’s working and management plan, provide opportunity for JA participants to meet and strengthen JA dynamics. JA2 EC will be responsible for potential conflict resolutions between the partners and stakeholder involvement activities


To use public consultation to solicit input into the development of recommendations for the implementation of the European HTA network from a wide audience of JA2 target groups.


  • Recommendations on the implementation of a sustainable
  • European network for HTA
    Final report from the JA


  • SOP and 3-year JA Work Plan approved by the Plenary Assembly (1st PA meeting, place – Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Executive Committee exploratory meeting with relevant parties (stakeholder representatives, EU-bodies, etc) regarding implementation of Article 15 of the directive 2011/24/EU
  • Draft considerations for implementation of the sustainable European network for HTA circulated to Plenary Assembly
  • EUnetHTA Symposium (up-to-date results and discussions on European network implementation)



Lead Partner


Danish Health and Medicines Authority

Axel Heides Gade 1

2300 Copenhagen


Telephone: +45 7222 8532

Fax: +45 7222 7411



DHMA 2014 Annual Report (in Danish)

Formal policy to handle conflict of interest in place: YES
Formal policy to handle confidential information in place: YES

Associated Partners


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