2017 EUnetHTA Forum

2017 EUnetHTA Forum

2017 EUnetHTA Assembly and Forum Video and Quality Survey
2017 EUnetHTA Assembly and Forum Video and Quality Survey

Have a few minutes? We would like to invite all participants to complete a quality survey so we can only get better:

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The EUnetHTA JA3 2017 Assembly and Forum Welcome Pack (with Forum Agenda) and How to Get Around Amsterdam

Welcome to the 2017 Assembly and Forum; Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2017 Assembly and Forum Welcome Pack (with Forum Agenda)

How to get Around Amsterdam

An Invitation to the September 14, 2017 EUnetHTA Forum

Hotel NH Amsterdam Schiphol Airport 495 Kruisweg 2132 NA Amsterdam (Hoofddorp), The Netherlands

Attend the 2017 EUnetHTA Forum (Thursday, September 14) entitled “Building. Progress. Advancement.” to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The EUnetHTA Forum provides a framework for updates and decisions relevant to the Consortium and a platform for networking, regular network-wide scientific discussions and exchange of experience. The Forum consists of the EUnetHTA Consortium Partners, Collaborating Stakeholders (as per definition provided in the guide for applicants for the Joint Action) and other organisations concretely involved in the activities of EUnetHTA JA3.


August 11 – Release of remaining hotel rooms

August 20 – Closing date for registrations

August 31 – Closing date for presentation submission

September 14 – Forum

As always, you can contact the Directorate at eunethta@zinl.nl for questions, directions or guidance. We look forward to welcoming you in Amsterdam.

The EUnetHTA JA3 Directorate

How to get there:

English: https://www.nh-hotels.com/hotel/nh-amsterdam-schiphol-airport/map

Deutsch: https://www.nh-hotels.de/hotel/nh-amsterdam-schiphol-airport/karte?_ga=2.59283563.71100006.1502369710-214429860.1498803013

Español: https://www.nh-hoteles.es/hotel/nh-amsterdam-schiphol-airport/mapa?_ga=2.68269015.71100006.1502369710-214429860.1498803013

Francais: https://www.nh-hotels.fr/hotel/nh-amsterdam-schiphol-airport/carte?_ga=2.25189243.71100006.1502369710-214429860.1498803013

Italiano: https://www.nh-hotels.it/hotel/nh-amsterdam-schiphol-airport/mappa?_ga=2.257448781.71100006.1502369710-214429860.1498803013

Nederlands: https://www.nh-hotels.nl/hotel/nh-amsterdam-schiphol-airport/plattegrond?_ga=2.25204475.71100006.1502369710-214429860.1498803013

Português: https://www.nh-hoteles.pt/hotel/nh-amsterdam-schiphol-airport/mapa?_ga=2.257448781.71100006.1502369710-214429860.1498803013

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