Summary report of the SF e-meeting, 9 April, 2013

Summary report of the SF e-meeting, 9 April, 2013

This document is the summary report of the Stakeholder Forum e-meeting, 9 April 2013. It presents key discussion and actions points decided at this meeting.


A. General information and updates:

  1. EUnetHTA Plenary Assembly meeting 21-22 March, 2013, Zagreb
  2. Joint Action 2

a. Discussion of implementation of Co-Chair function in the Stakeholder Forum

b. Update Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG)

i. Confidentiality Agreement

ii. Current and planned activities (per WP)

c. WP2: update on feedback on topics for Stakeholder Training courses

d. WP7: Opening of EVIDENT

e. WP8: Brief update on the issue of HTA Core Model and structuring of stakeholder information repositories

f. Presentation of Stakeholder Forum Area on website.

i. Information on how to sign up etc.

B. Other issues:

  1. Brief update on the Article 15 permanent voluntary HTA network
    a. ECORYS report about the permanent network

20130409_EUnetHTA JA 2_SF_e-meeting_Final minutes.pdf

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