Summary report of the SF e-meeting, 3 May, 2011

Summary report of the SF e-meeting, 3 May, 2011

    This document is the summary report of the Stakeholder Forum e-meeting, 3 May, 2011. It presents key discussion and actions points decided at this meeting.

    1. Opening, presentation of participants

    2. Update on the developments in the EUnetHTA Joint Action

  • Presentation, Q&A
    • 3. Current experience with stakeholder involvement in EUnetHTA Joint Action

  • a. WP SAGs activities
  • Presentation and discussion
    • 4. Orientation on the stakeholder involvement in the view of the Directive on cross-border health care
  • Presentation, Q&A
  • Lunch
    • 5. EUnetHTA Business Model

  • Presentation, Q&A
  • Coffee break
    • 6. Joint Action 2 on HTA
  • a. Capacity building/training of stakeholders in the context of Joint Action 2 on HTA
    • 7. Other issues and closing of the meeting

  • a. EUnetHTA Conference
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