Summary report of the SF e-meeting, 17 September 2013

Summary report of the SF e-meeting, 17 September 2013

This document is the summary report of the Stakeholder Forum e-meeting, 17 September, 2013. It presents key discussion and actions points decided at this meeting.


A. General information and updates

  1. Overview of action points (last e-meeting) and their status (written status overview in the background documents)
  2. JA2 WP updates (including JA2 SAG activities update)
  3. EUnetHTA Expert meetings
  4. Discussion of the implementation of Co-Chair function in the Stakeholder Forum
  5. Permanent EU cooperation on HTA
  6. EUnetHTA training – can we expand beyond patients and providers?
  7. EUnetHTA Conference Rome 2014 (October) – update
  8. Reporting of EUnetHTA JA2 Year 1 – SF input
  9. Procedural issues

B. Other issues

  1. Update on status of JA1 report
  2. Registration of time spend on EUnetHTA – clarification
  3. Next EUnetHTA Stakeholder Forum Face-to-Face meeting – January 2014, Brussels (Tentatively 15 January, in connection with WP2 Stakeholder trainings).
  4. Next EUnetHTA Newsletter issues – October 1, 2013 (deadline for input – Sept 20, 2013)


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