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Patients and Consumers (P & C)

At the request of the EUnetHTA Executive Board, a cross-work package (WP) task group on the involvement of Patients & Consumers (P&C) and Health Care Providers (HCP) was established in Fall 2017. The task group includes representatives from the Secretariat, Dissemination, Joint Production and Evidence Generation. The task group is operational in nature and the scope is involvement of P&C/HCP at the project level. At this time, the task group has prioritised the development of procedures to involve P&C and the task group is supporting the development of such procedures.

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Patient and Consumer Involvement in EUnetHTA JA3 Meeting26/1/18Brussels, BelgiumMINUTES
Patient and Consumer Involvement in EUnetHTA JA3 Meeting8/3/17Amsterdam, NetherlandsMINUTES

HTA Network Stakeholder Pool - P & C

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