Renewed version of the HTA Core Model® available

Renewed version of the HTA Core Model® available

We are happy to present a renewed version of the HTA Core Model® – Version 2.0!
What has changed?

Version 2.0 is a major upgrade of the HTA Core Model®, including the following changes:

  • Major revision of the underlying ontology, i.e. the generic questions and their allocation to various domains. Relations of various elements have been considered and recorded in the Model (divided into content relations and sequential relations).
  • Major revision of methodological guidance, including harmonization of advice across model applications and updating the content to reflect recent methodological developments.
  • New application to enable full assessment of pharmaceuticals.
  • New standard consequences table to be included in collection summaries.

The legal domain and some appendices including auxiliary content are still in the same format as in versions 1.0 and 1.1r. The legal domain will be updated by April 2014 and the remaining appendices within 2014.

The HTA Core Model®  2.0 can be accessed here.

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