High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) ablation for the treatment of prostate cancer

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CountryAgencyYear work was carried outLinkDetails of use
AustriaLBI-HTA2018LINKNational adaptation. Made no changes to the information. German executive summary added. To be published in LBI-HTA repository.
ItalyASSR REROngoingA summary of the report will be disseminated for information.
LithuaniaVASPVT2018National adaptation. Carried out translation. Added local information.
SlovakiaUNIBA2018National adaptation. Added local information.
SpainAETSAOngoingA summary of this assessment in Spanish together with the full English report will be published on AETSA's website for dissemination. In addition, the report is going to be distributed to regional decision-makers.
SpainAQUASOngoingThe OTCA09 assessment will be disseminated to Catalan regional decision makers (physicians societies, director of corresponding health Program, and Health Services Planners).
UKNICE2018LINKThis topic was included in a clinical guideline that was last updated in 2014 https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/cg175 EUnetHTA reports are indexed in NHS evidence a database managed by NICE that supports evidence informed decision making in the NHS.