Canagliflozin for the treatment of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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CountryAgencyStatusLinkDetails on adaptation processContact information
The NetherlandsZINPublished March 2014Link to report
In Dutch
The results of the indirect analyses in the EUnetHTA report were mentioned in the discussion section of the favourable effects.Hedi Schelleman, Implementation Officer
SpainAETSAPublished July 2015Link to report
In Spanish
The EUnetHTA assessment was adapted, i.e. systematic extraction of relevant HTA information from an existing joint assessment.Teresa Molina Lopez
SpainMSSSIPublished June 2015Link to report
In Spanish
National AdaptationCelia Juarez Rojo
ItalyAIFAInformation missing.
For further details, please contact Ingrid Wilbacher:
(WP3 LP) or Agnese Cangini
Agnese Cangini
LuxembourgCMSSUsed in cross-checking evidence. Yves Bruch
MaltaMEHUsed in direct decision-making. Antonia Formosa
PortugalINFARMEDUsed in cross-checking evidence.João Martins
SlovakiaMoH SKUsed in direct decision-making. Tomas Tesar
SwedenTLVUsed in cross-checking evidence.Johan Ponten
CroatiaAAZ2014Link to the summarySummary of information from the report for decision makers and websiteMirjana Huic (
HungaryNIPNUsed to validate technology developer submission of evidence NIPN (