Bioresorbable Stents for the Treatment of Cardiovascular Indications (coronary artery disease)

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CountryAgencyYear work was carried outLinkDetails of use
AustriaLBI-HTA2019-National Adaptation. Added executive summary in German.
AustriaGOEG2019-Dissemination. Forwarder the report to the responsible persons in our MoH.
CroatiaAAZ2019-Dissemination - Prepared the summary and assessment elements B0001 and A0020 in Croatian (will be published on the AAZ website along with links to the full EUnetHTA assessment).
ItalyAGENAS2019LINKTranslation of the report summary.
NorwayNIPHNOOngoing-Dissemination - Informed the National Commission Forum for Introduction of New Technologies into the Norwegian Specialist Health Care about the assessment.
RomaniaNSPHMPDB2019-Dissemination - Letter to the MoH. Link on the NSPHMPDB Facebook page.
SlovakiaUNIBA2019-National adaptation. Updated evidence. Added impact / cost-effectiveness analysis.
SpainSCS2019-Dissemination – seminars and courses.
United Kingdom (England)NICE2019LINKDissemination – incorporated into NHS Evidence as a source of information for clinicians.
United Kingdom (Scotland)SHTG2019-.Dissemination to clinical directorate to assess level of interest in this technology in Scotland.
United Kingdom (Wales)HTWOngoing-Shared with national Welsh procurement committee considering stent use. Use of HTA to be determined.