European HTA – EUnetHTA at Gastein Forum

European HTA – EUnetHTA at Gastein Forum

On October 4-5, 2006, EUnetHTA organised a European HTA Parallel Forum as a part of the European Health Forum Gastein in Austria.

Speakers from the HTA agencies, the European Commission’s DG Sanco and DG Enterprise, Ministries of Health, NICE (UK), HAS (France), Public Health institutions, and industry associations, presented and discussed European stakeholders’ perspectives on the HTA process, their involvement in and their experiences with HTA.

Report (conclusions/recommendations) from the European HTA Forum.

Programme and presentations from the Forum

The views expressed in the presentations are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of EUnetHTA. EUnetHTA assumes no liability for the contents or use thereof. When quoting the contents of the presentations please give a reference to the author.

October 4, 2006

Theme A: HTA in health care planning and policy – experience from Member States

HTA as input to NICE guidance in England and Wales (Sarah Garner, Technical Adviser, NICE, UK)

How to ensure the policy relevance of HTA – views from the government perspective (Kari Harno, Senior lecturer, Helsinki University Central Hospital, Finland)

From evidence to policy in a decentralised healthcare system (Peter Sawicki, Director, IQWIG, Germany)

HTA in regional healthcare planning (Giancarlo Ruscitti, Director General, Regione Veneto, Italy)

Theme A presentations


Theme B: Stakeholder perspective in the HTA process

HTA in hospital management (Americo Cicchetti, Director of research, HTA Unit, “A Gemelli” University Hospital, Italy)

HTA: a tool to improve patient access to innovation – an industry perspective (Andrea Rappagliosi, Vice-Chair, Board of Directors, EuropaBio)

HTA as input to reimbursement decisions (Gotfried Endel, Hauptverband der Österreicheschen Sozialversicherungsträger, Austria)

Theme B presentations


Theme C: European Network for HTA – EUnetHTA

European Network for HTA – why a priority for the European Commission? (Bernard Merkel, Head of Health Strategy Unit, DG SANCO, European Commission)

EUnetHTA – what is it all about? (Finn Børlum Kristensen, Director, Danish Centre for Evaluation and HTA, Denmark)

How can new Member States benefit from a sustainable European HTA network? (Norbert Wilk, Deputy Director for HTA and International Collaboration, Agency for HTA in Poland (AHTAPol), Poland)

Theme C presentations


October 5, 2006

Theme D: From innovation to healthcare practice

HTA seen from an industry perspective (Maurice Wagner, Director General, Eucomed)

Keeping track of rapidly developing technologies – the French experience (Lise Rochaix, Board Member, Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS), France)

Pricing and reimbursement for new health technologies – the role of HTA (Stefaan van der Spiegel, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission)

Theme D presentations

Theme E: HTA and public health

HTA and public health challenges (Tit Albreht, Adviser to the Director, Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia)

Quality of health care and HTA (Jan Bultman, Lead Health Specialist, Europe and Central Asia Region, World Bank)

Theme E presentations




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