Project WP2 – Communications

Project WP2 – Communications


  • To facilitate coherent, effective and sustainable external and internal communication of the project, where its aims, objectives, work in progress, results and final products are known to all partners, identified stakeholders and target groups on the EU and national/regional levels
  • To identify scientific literature databases of relevance to HTA and ways to provide access to support the work of the project members
  • To provide common data structures and common communication interoperability of information systems building on existing systems and databases such as INAHTA’s HTA Database
  • To offer structures for semantic interoperability
  • To explore best solutions to providing a contemporary electronic publishing facility for results, methodological and scientific developments and public information of the network
  • To provide structure for assuring the quality of the information produced by the network
  • To develop a model for the future operation of the Clearinghouse (including organisational, management, and financial aspects) in regard to the needs of members and external target groups
  • To develop a Clearinghouse prototype to describe the functionalities in preparation for the future implementation of a running Clearinghouse
  • To be responsible for the PR issues in close collaboration with WP1 and in consultation with the Steering Committee.


  • An elaborate communication strategy, including a dedicated website laying the foundation for the continuous information exchange within EUnetHTA and between EUnetHTA and external stakeholders
  • A newsletter (in close collaboration with WP1)
  • A detailed structure of the clearinghouse facility with ensured interoperability between different levels of the information platform
  • A face-to-face meetings to encourage effective networking
  • To develop the material to be used by all partners to respond to enquiries about the project (WP1 to facilitate)
  • To provide the format and structure for the information platform.


Lead Partner


SBU – Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services

St Eriksgatan 117

SE-102 33 Stockholm


Tel.: +46-8-412 32 00

Fax: +46-8-411 32 60


Co-Lead Partner


Associated Partners


Collaborating partners

AHRQ, USACCOHTA, CanadaCentre for Reviews and Dissemination, University of York, UKEuroScan, UKGIN, GermanyINAHTA, Sweden

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