D4.5 Applicability of Evidence


This EUnetHTA 21 deliverable (D4.5) focusses on the methodological guidance regarding the applicability of evidence for the context of joint clinical assessment.

The objective of this deliverable is to:

  • Develop a practical guideline for critical assessment of evidence regarding the following issues that are regularly raised during JCAs/CAs.
  • How to consider complementary analysis (e.g. subgroup analysis, post-hoc analysis, sensitivity analysis).
  • How to handle multiplicity issues resulting from multiple testing, e.g. due to multiple subgroup analyses, comparisons across multiple treatment arms and analyses of multiple outcomes? 
  • Check the existing EUnetHTA guidelines/SOPs for consistency with the practical guideline and consider updates.*

*Please note that SOPs are considered internal documents and therefore will not be made publicly available. 

For any questions regarding this deliverable, please contact JCA_Secretariat@zinl.nl

Below you can find the published documentation:

D4.5 Applicability of evidence  – Project Plan

D4.5 Final deliverable

D4.5  Comment – Public consultation 

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