EUnetHTA – Open Letter of Comment

This is an open letter, written by the Chair of the EUnetHTA Executive Board, Niklas Hedberg. It expresses commentary on the role of EUnetHTA within European HTA, and that of scientific journals. Please access the letter here: EUnetHTA – Open Letter of Comment For any questions regarding this, please contact the EUnetHTA Secretariat team at

An Understanding of EUnetHTA HTA

The EUnetHTA Executive Board recently adopted the following Understanding of EUnetHTA HTA. This text is the result of several months of consultation with the project’s board. The EUnetHTA Executive Board agreed that HTA in the context of EUnetHTA activities is understood to be composed of the following elements:​ Assessments should inform decision-making. Assessments are not decision-making processes themselves. Information should […]

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