EUnetHTA and MedTech industry expert meeting, summary of discussion

The meeting took place on October 16, 2015 at Eucomed / EDMA offices in Brussels, Belgium with participants coming from organisations-members of Eucomed, EDMA, COCIR (EUnetHTA Stakeholder Forum Members) and EUnetHTA. 20151016_EUnetHTA MedicalTechnology Expert meeting_SummaryFinal Anna Nachtnebel – MedTech Expert meeting 2015-10-16 Claudia Wild – MedTech Expert meeting 2015-10-16 François Meyer – MedTech Expert meeting […]

EMA and EUnetHTA meet in London on May 8, 2015

Following the agreed schedule of biannual meetings between EUnetHTA and the EMA, the next meeting is held tomorrow (May 8, 2015) in London The final draft agenda for the meeting is available here. The minutes of the meeting will be made publicly available on the EMA-EUnetHTA cooperation page. 2015-05-08 EMA EUnetHTA – Agenda

HTA 2.0 Europe conference: Networking Area and Activity Station Posters

At the HTA 2.0 Europe conference’s networking area the attendees had a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with the representatives of EUnetHTA, through the six activity stations, as well as the HTA projects of the 7th Framework Research Programme (FP7). EUnetHTA Activity Stations At the six EUnetHTA Activity Stations, the attendees could learn details […]

HTA 2.0 Europe – Teaming Up for Value: Conference recordings

Please find all recordings of the conference embedded into this page above. Click on play and hear all sessions from 1-7 or use the playlist function in the upper left-hand corner to select between the 7 sessions: 1. Welcome and introduction 2. Opening plenary: HTA, regulation and policy making – Synergy in focus 3. Panel […]

HTA 2.0 Europe – Teaming Up for Value: Conference Presentations (Rome 2014)

This page collects all presentations from the HTA 2.0 Europe – Teaming Up for Value conference. Attached below, you can find all conference presentations. Finn Børlum Kristensen_Closing Session Tapani Piha_Closing Session Julia Chamova_opening and introduction_Opening session Andrzej Rys_Opening session Finn Børlum Kristensen_Opening session Guido Rasi_Opening session Wolfgang Ecker_Opening session Luciana Ballini_Panel discussion European cooperation on […]

HTA 2.0 Europe – Teaming Up for Value conference documents (Rome, 2014)

The EUnetHTA Conference “HTA 2.0 – Teaming up for Value” took place on 30-31 October 2014 in Rome, Italy and gathered around 450 participants from all over the world to discuss the latest developments in the interface between science and policy in European healthcare – on HTA, regulation, reimbursement, health policy, and contributing fields of […]

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