At a glance: EUnetHTA JA2 Year 2

At a glance: EUnetHTA JA2 Year 2

Looking forward to a productive and successful 2015, EUnetHTA is happy to update on some of the accomplishments of 2014 (Second year of JA2).

Overall EUnetHTA accomplishments and new developments

  • Development and endorsement of the EUnetHTA JA2 Recommendations on a sustainable EU cooperation on HTA.
  • Successful ‘HTA 2.0 Europe – Teaming Up for Value’ conference in Rome, Italy on 30-31 October 2014 with 450 participants from all over the world. The programme was developed in cooperation with the EUnetHTA Stakeholder Forum, the European Commission and other external collaboration partners, e.g., FP7 HTA projects.
  • EUnetHTA’s continued influence and important role in HTA Network.
  • National adaptation of EUnetHTA outputs gaining momentum.
  • Further development of conflict of interest and confidentiality handling processes.

Scientific Output
WP4, Core HTA

  • 1st Core HTA completed
  • 2nd Core HTA under development and 3rd Core HTA topic selected and development process initiated
  • First draft for the Methodological Standards and Procedures for collaborative Core HTA production finalised

WP5, Rapid HTA

  • 1 pilot in Strand A (pharmaceuticals) and 1 pilot in Strand B (on other technologies) finalised
  • 4 new pilots in Strand A and 3 in Strand B underway
  • Updating the HTA Core Model for Rapid REA initiated

WP7, Methodology development and evidence generation

  • Survey to participating HTA bodies, EMA, manufacturers and other stakeholders on Early Dialogue processes finalised (for drugs only)
  • 2 additional pilot Early Dialogues on medical products finalised
  • Draft submission template for pharmaceuticals piloted
  • Draft submission template for medical devices (including feedback from industry stakeholders) developed and piloted

EUnetHTA Tools and Support

  • Training courses on EUnetHTA tools (e.g. Evident Database, POP Database and HTA Core Model®) for EUnetHTA Partners and Associates as well as EUnetHTA Stakeholder Forum conducted
  • E-learning platform proposed and being piloted
  • Expansion of the HTA Core Model® with an application to support core HTAs on pharmaceuticals completed
  • Enhancement of HTA Core Model® Online to support production of a) rapid HTAs and b) local HTA reports commenced
  • Piloting of HTA Core Model® for internal process of technology manufacturers completed
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