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What are Joint and Collaborative Assessments?

EUnetHTA Joint Assessments (JA) are health technology assessments jointly produced by at least four EUnetHTA partners in different European countries. EUnetHTA processes, guidelines and the HTA Core Model® are used for the production of assessments that are subject to extensive review procedures in order to ensure high quality. JAs are centrally coordinated by the WP4 Co-Leads and comprise a broad stakeholder involvement, including the use of a EUnetHTA submission file in addition to a scoping (e-)meeting with industry.

EUnetHTA Collaborative Assessments (CA) are also produced in non-pharmaceutical technologies. They only differ from the EUnetHTA JAs with regard to coordination, i.e. the project management is performed in a decentralised manner by WP4 Co-Lead and WP4 Activity Centre Department Leads. In CAs, the use of submission file and scoping (e-)meeting with industry are optional. CAs should facilitate timelines that are aligned with national work programmes and should contribute to the sustainability of assessment production after 2020 due to decentralised coordination.

As of March 2016, EUnetHTA has finalised 20 joint assessments: 2 joint assessments during EUnetHTA Project (2006-2008), 3 joint assessments during EUnetHTA JA (2010-2012) and 15 joint assessments during EUnetHTA JA2 (2012-2015).

EUnetHTA JA3 (2016-2020) Assessments

EUnetHTA JA2 (2012-2015), EUnetHTA  JA1 (2010 – 2012), EUnetHTA Project (2006 – 2008) Assessments

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Assessment Glossary

Abbreviations: OT-other technologies, PT-pharmaceutical technologies, CA-collaborative assessment, JA-joint assessment

EUnetHTA unique identifier: all EUnetHTA assessments are given a unique identifier according to a specific scheme in order to allow easy identification of the assessments. Unique identifiers are assigned by the EUnetHTA work package leads or co-leads according to the start date of the assessments and need to be indicated on all assessment related documents.

There is no continuous numbering of assessments in the different EUnetHTA Joint Actions (JA2 and JA3). Therefore, please see description of unique identifiers below.

EUnetHTA Joint Action 3
Project ID: [PT/OT][CA/JA][00] e.g. PTJA01
• Pharmaceutical Technologies (PT)
• Other Technologies (OT)
• Collaborative Assessment (CA)
• Joint Assessment (JA)
• 2 digit number (according to start date of assessment)

Please note that there is separate counting for pharmaceutical technologies and other technologies. However, collaborative assessments and joint assessments are counted together (e.g. OTCA6, OTCA7, OTJA8…).

EUnetHTA Joint Action 2
Pilot ID (rapid REA):
WP5-SA-0 (Pharmaceutical Technologies: ranging from 1 until 6)
WP5-SB-00 (Other Technologies: ranging from 11 until 16)
Core HTAs: no unique identifier used