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If your company is interested in proposing a compound for a EUnetHTA rapid REA on a pharmaceutical technology, please contact the team at Zorginstituut Nederland (ZIN) in Diemen, Netherlands. ZIN is Co-Lead Partner in WP4 Joint Production with regard to pharmaceuticals.

After an initial discussion on the Joint Assessment process and submission requirements, the next step is to complete a letter of intent (click HERE) and submit the letter, in which further details about the suggested compound are described: population, intervention, comparator and outcomes. Please note that a Joint Assessment on your suggested compound will only be performed if sufficient EUnetHTA partners are interested in working on this topic, since one of the aims of EUnetHTA is to ensure high uptake of EUnetHTA assessments in European Members States.

We are happy to explain the pharmaceutical Joint Assessment process in further detail. Please get in touch with us if you are interested to learn more.