WP7 SG2 Core protocol Pilot for AEG available

WP7 Subgroup 2 is pleased to announce the publication of its final deliverable – the Core protocol Pilot for Additional Evidence Generation (AEG). This pilot consists of two parts: – Defining core elements of a study protocol for AEG and developing the template of a Core protocol for AEG (section 1) – Testing the developed […]

EUnetHTA methodological guideline – Methods for health economic evaluations

The methodological guideline on “Methods for health economic evaluations” was developed by WP7, Subgroup 3. The work with the present guideline was initiated to set a general framework for EUnetHTA on how to conduct economic evaluations as well as to increase the transferability of economic evaluations among EUnetHTA partners. This is especially important in order […]

EUnetHTA Evidence Submission Template

The EUnetHTA Submission Template is a flexible tool that reflects all national evidence requirements for reimbursement in Europe. The inclusion of all national requirements means that the template can be broadly applied to national and/or joint assessment. The adaptation process must include tailoring the tool’s content to either national HTA processes or joint processes to […]

WP7 SG1 Concept paper on Osteoarthritis

This document is WP7’s concept paper on osteoarthritis titled the “EunetHTA guideline on data requirements for the assessment of health technologies used for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip and knee”. EUnetHTA disease-specific guidelines aim to give recommendations about type of data to be produced during the development of technologies (initial evidence generation) to support […]

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