EUnetHTA Evidence Submission Template

The EUnetHTA Submission Template is a flexible tool that reflects all national evidence requirements for reimbursement in Europe. The inclusion of all national requirements means that the template can be broadly applied to national and/or joint assessment. The adaptation process must include tailoring the tool’s content to either national HTA processes or joint processes to […]

EUnetHTA and MedTech industry expert meeting, summary of discussion

The meeting took place on October 16, 2015 at Eucomed / EDMA offices in Brussels, Belgium with participants coming from organisations-members of Eucomed, EDMA, COCIR (EUnetHTA Stakeholder Forum Members) and EUnetHTA. 20151016_EUnetHTA MedicalTechnology Expert meeting_SummaryFinal Anna Nachtnebel – MedTech Expert meeting 2015-10-16 Claudia Wild – MedTech Expert meeting 2015-10-16 François Meyer – MedTech Expert meeting […]