The EUnetHTA Stakeholder Forum is formed to ensure a transparent engagement with a broad range of stakeholders and is comprised of representatives from patient and healthcare consumer organisations, healthcare providers, payers (statutory health insurance) and the industry. The Stakeholder Forum's composition aims at ensuring broad and balanced representation of stakeholder interests.

Under "contact us", you will find a list of all Stakeholder members with an indication of which group they belong to in parenthesis.

The purpose of the EUnetHTA Stakeholder Forum is to provide stakeholders with the opportunity

  • to participate as stakeholder representatives in the EUnetHTA Joint Actions
  • to observe and comment on the EUnetHTA Joint Action work
  • to provide advice to overarching governance questions in the Joint Actions, and
  • to bring forward specific themes and concerns considered relevant by the stakeholders' constituencies and in line with the aims of the EUnetHTA Joint Actions

The specific composition of the Stakeholder Forum is suggested by the Executive Committee for discussion and approval by the Plenary Assembly. To maintain the effectiveness of the Stakeholder Forum, each stakeholder group should not be represented at the Forum’s meetings by more than 6 organisations.
The Stakeholder Involvement Policy has been developed to support EUnetHTA’s stakeholder involvement efforts. This provides the core principles of stakeholder involvement in the EUnetHTA Joint Actions seeking various types of input from stakeholders for the benefit of the decisions and governance in the EUnetHTA activities. The implementation details of the policy are laid out in the EUnetHTA JA Stakeholder Involvement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).